Vintage Knights of Pyathias Sword with Scabbard


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This sword is PRE OWNED. It shows some signs of its age as the scabbard is discolored. The sword is also missing the chain knuckle guard that runs from the Knights chin strap on the pommel to the phoenix bird on the cross guard. From my research it also appears that the sword is missing some sort of plate or "clamshell" that goes on the bottom of the handle. The sword has the distinct "knights Head" pommel with the lion sitting on or guarding the crest. On the reverse of the cross-guard is the letters "FCB" (Friendship, Charity, Benevolence). The grip is wrapped in brown leather and ornamental brass wire. The Sword is marked with "Pettibone". Please see the attached photos as the sword pictured is the one you will recieve. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer the best we can. Thanks for checking out our listing and be sure to check out our store for more great products! 

SWORD DEFENSE ACCESSORIES - Knights of Pythias Sword with with Scabbard (ID: 34070-1 )



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